My Dream Vacation by:Andrea Banda

Paris Facts

My dream vacation is Paris,Paris is located in France. I want to visit Paris because it has always been my dream city, also because its a really beautiful city that shines your heart. It makes my destination so great because of the love in the city, all that love comes from the Eiffel Tower.
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Interesting Facts

Some Interesting Facts are.....

  • Nickname "The city of love"
  • Known as the city of art
  • U can marry a dead person
  • Is the city of lights
  • Their more dogs then children
  • The population is 2.211 million
  • Paris is a very visited place
  • It has a Disney world
  • Has the Eiffel Tower as everyone knows
  • Their is smoking allowed everywhere in Paris


It takes 10 hours and 23 minutes,and it is 5,000.1 miles away. To my trip I will take Michelle,Kassandra,and Nancy. I'll probably get there by airplane. I am planing to stay for about a month.


I'll will be staying in a beautiful hotel with my friends. The hotel that I am staying in is The Westin Paris, it has 2 beds, and it costs $736 for a month. Well we all know we have to pack for a trip,what I am going to pack is some clothes like pants,shirts,shoes, etc. I will also be packing some swimsuits in case I swim,and maybe some sunglasses u know if its sunny. I will also be packing some lotions,sunscreen,and personal stuff.


Well with the hotel, airplane,my trip would cost $2,601 or more, but for the rest the total cost is 2,787. My lodging would cost $736, food would probably cost around $186. My airfare would cost 1,865, and like I am going in an airplane I am not going to be buying or putting in gas.


While I am in Paris I will go everywhere, for example i'll go swimming with my friends, go to disneyland,and go shopping "of course".You can do many thing in Paris like go see the Eiffel Tower, disneyland,swim,and go shopping.

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