Educational and Professional requirement

Educational requirements

  • Bachelor of arts
  • internships
  • 2 year programs available
  • Graduate school available

Professional Requirements

  • proper equipment
  • technical classes

Top colleges

University of Oregon

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University of Oregon

  • University of Oregon is located in Eugene Oregon

  • Eugene is the 3rd largest city in Oregon,Eugene has 15,185 people, it is referred to as “track town”, Nike started in Eugene Oregon, and Eugene is 50 miles east of the Oregon coast

  • some fun things to do in Eugene are bicycling, running,rafting and kayaking

  • programs offered at the University of Oregon include Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Arts and Digital Arts, college of arts and science, physics, history,geography, English, and cinema studies

  • Student Teacher ratio is 19:1

  • Cost per year is estimated at $23,904

Yale University

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Yale University

  • Yale University is located in New Haven, Connecticut

  • New haven is the 2nd largest city in Connecticut, The population is 130,741, parks and playgrounds cover 17% of New Haven , New Haven has nine High Schools and 31 Elementary schools.

  • Fun things to do in New Haven include going to a park as I said before 17% of New Haven is covered with parks,or going to a museum there is a very wide variety of museums in New Haven.

  • programs offered at Yale include MBA, MBA for executives, PhD, Master of advanced management,and executive education

  • Student teacher ratio is 8:1

  • estimated cost for Yale is $85,875 per year

Columbia University

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Columbia University

Columbia University

  • Columbia University is located in New York, NY

  • New York has a population of over 8.4 million as of 2013, New York is the top tourist state in the U.S, there are 62 cities in New York, New York City is the most popular.

  • Fun things to do in New York are, visit Niagara Falls, visit Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty, visit the 5 boroughs in New York which are Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, and lastly time square.

  • Programs offered at Columbia are Graduate degrees in Arts and Science, M.A, PhD, and Bachelors of Science degree
  • Student teacher ratio is 6:1

  • estimated cost per year at Columbia is $16,965