The planet is getting tired of us.

If we had been more conscious, our planet wouldn´t have died

The Planet has not died, but if we don´t do nothing, it will.

Every activity we do, can harm our enviroment. During many years, we just go on, building machines, burning oil, but, we never stop to think the impact of our actions. Now It´s Time.

But, where can we start?

To do something big, you have to start for something small, but important. Your comunity is a great first step to get in the game. I live in Chignahuapan, Puebla, a great Town, where, our most valious examples of natural beauty, are the Almoloya Lagoon and the Quetzalapa Falls. These natural places, are a reliable source of tourism and they give to Chignahuapan, a face to show to the world. But, everyday, both places are contaminated for human actions, like trowing garbage or waste into the water... If we cared about this places, we wouldn't pollute them, because they are a part of the world where we live.

But the pollution grows in Chignahuapan.

There is a lot of unconscious people, who thinks that when they throw garbage to the water, it will magically disapear! But no! Even when that would be perfect, it's a lie. If trash disappeared magically, everybody would throw it to the lagoon, but it does not dissapear and everybody throw it anyway.

So, what will you do to heal the place you live?

In Chignahuapan, we should have implemented campaigns against the water pollution, if we had done that, we would not have got a lot of workers to clean the lagoon constantly. If we had been taught about enviroment care since we were children, we would be more careful with our world today. But we can do something, NOW, because just sitting cross-armed, we won't get nothing. Get worry about the place you live, think twice before throwing garbage, use a bycicle or a motorcycle instead of using a car, turn your lights off if you don't need them; these little actions will be perfect to fight against self-destruction!