Steve Jobs


One of Steve Jobs triumphs was the creation of the Apple Ipod. The Ipod was what made Apple a popular company and started to make them very popular. Steve Jobs was actually very mean to his employees, because he wanted them to create the latest and greatest technology before anyone else. He quoted, "They are shamelessly trying to copy us. I think the most telling thing is that Tiger will ship at the end of the month and Longhorn is still two years out. They can’t even copy fast." Eventually other companies tried to copy Apple Products like the Ipod or the Ipad. Steve Jobs started the mass technological advance ofthe 21st century. Now a days there is a new type of phone, computer, or tablet coming out by all companies. Mr. Jobs was a very important man in the area of technology.


Mr. Jobs, like everyone, had to deal with obstacles while he was alive. One of his obstacles was being fired from Apple. He was fired because he had fired unexperienced employees. he also didn't have them sign a do not compete clause so if they left they could compete with their company. He had hired Bill Gates and he left, and started to compete with apple. After he was fired he bought Pixar when it was failing and turned it around and made it a famous company. After Apple had heard of the Amazing thing Mr. Jobs did, they hired him back so he could make the dying Apple company great! There are many more obstacles that he had to go through but no time to go through all of them.

Career Goals

Mr. Jobs' goals were very simple. He wanted to create new technology no one has seen before. He accomplished that, because he pushed his employees to the brink to get it done before another company figured it out before they did.

Why is Apple Great?

Apple is great because of they way they sell their products. The logo they have is the first thing you see when you go on the Apple website, or go to the store, or buy one of their products. Another reason is that their computers are some of the best around. they are virtually virus free and are fast and user friendly. Most of all people buy the products because of the logo. For that reason alone Apple has made a fortune.
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