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Thank you so much for supporting my business! If I contacted you to network, it means I value you as a colleague and respect your opinion. This message contains more information about what I'm doing and who I am looking for.

what is this business and why am i involved?

Rodan + Fields® was created by the Doctors who created Proactiv® and is the 4th largest (and fastest-growing) premium skincare company in the US. The number of US companies that have grown from $0 to $200 million in 5 years is microscopic, and we are on track to be a $1 billion company.

I started my Rodan + Fields business in March of 2013 because my husband and I were looking for an additional income stream that would allow us to send our children to a private Christian school in the Chicago-land area. One of my dear friends in Dallas introduced me to the business and really encouraged Chris and I to take a deeper look into the opportunity. She and her husband are entrepreneurs and felt like they had "won the lottery" with this business and model. I’ve never been passionate about skincare, but I have always had a good eye for great business and LOVE people, so when I learned that the same doctors who created Proactiv were behind Rodan + Fields and were taking the company global, I knew I had to jump in.

I joined that Spring and maximized our pay plan in August of that year. In those short months, my fast-growing team of consultants began duplicating, and three years later, the growth has been astounding. I have the privilege of partnering with so many women and men that I respect and am so blessed to lead a dream team of consultants. Additionally, Rodan + Fields has one of the best pay plans in the industry, so in very part time hours (usually around 5-8 hours/week), I am building a full time income that doesn't take me away from my #1 priority: my children.

From day one, I believed in the potential of this amazing business model and it has not disappointed. When I looked at R+F, I didn't see Direct Sales...I saw a brilliant business. I understood quickly that this business is a 3-5 year plan, built in 3-8 hours/week around all of the other commitments in my life. It's a plan to partner with the two most successful dermatologists in the world, thrive alongside them while we become the #1 selling premium skin care line in the world, all while having the freedom to decide how to use my time and resources. We just launched in Canada in 2015 and are taking our business to Australia in 2016. Asia is next! The potential here with our growth and expansion is truly unbelievable.

I absolutely love introducing this life-changing opportunity to people and watching them see success. I have people on my team all over the US and they are discovering financial freedom, paying off debt, and funding their passions through this venture!

how can you help?

I am looking for ambitious, self-motivated people who could get excited about being at the forefront of a global launch and building a monster business of their own in very manageable hours. As you think about your network, here are a few profiles that I'm particularly interested in:

*The Achiever/Entreprenuer - this is the man or woman who is killing it in their full time career and has no intentions of leaving the workplace but understands good business and sees this business opportunity for what it is - a place where you can grow a team and a paycheck month over month over month without changing the amount of time you personally spend on your business. Someone who is looking to diversify their income streams (regardless of what the extra is for!), benefit from a business with residual income, and grow a team of business owners around the world.

*The Mom of Young Kids - this is the woman who perhaps had a career prior making the choice to prioritize her family and stay home with her kids. She generally loves being at home but misses having a professional outlet and being able to contribute financially to her family. This could also be the woman who is on the verge of starting a family and would like to have a Plan B that would allow her to do both.

*International Connectors - this is anyone in your network that lives in (or has strong ties/connections to) Canada or Australia (and soon, Asia). These connectors can see life- changing success very quickly as they launch a business in one of these new markets. In fact, if you have no interest at all in the business but have one of these connectors in your network, you would be crazy not to join and have them join you...because trust me, 5 years from now you would KILL me as you look at the organizations they built and how it could have impacted you :). But no pressure!

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still looking for more information?

You can learn more about our Growth & Market Share here:

You can listen in anonymously to a recorded call by one of my team members, Elizabeth Guess and her husband, Taylor Guess, as they talk to both men & women about what this opportunity is...and isn't.

641-715-3589; Code: 425011#

thank you!

Thank you again for taking the time to network with me and support my business growth. I appreciate you very much!!


Ashley Stiernagle

Premier Level 5 Leader

There is no guarantee that Consultants participating in the Rodan + Fields program will generate any income. As with any business, each Consultant's business results may vary. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including the area in which you live, individual effort, business experience, diligence and leadership. For statistics based on actual Consultant earnings, please see the Rodan + Fields Income Disclosure Statement.
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