Kindergarten News

Week of September 12-16

Wrap Up of Our First Week:

WOW! This first full week was pretty long for our kindergarteners! Early bedtimes and nutritional snacks will help guide our days at school!

We worked on important skills such as walking QUIETLY down the hall, SITTING and EATING during lunchtime, and playing on the recess equipment safely and properly. We are learning how to clean up after ourselves in the classroom, and how to get along and share with others. We are working hard at using the bathroom properly without playing around!

The teachers have been reading aloud books that share important themes such as: friendship, sharing, being kind, being safe, being responsible, and honoring each other for the diversity we bring to the classroom. These books are helping us to build the caring community we want for our school year. We will continue to build our communities in the coming weeks!

Our daily calendar area is connected to many math skills. We call this our NUMBER CORNER area. This month we are working on counting forward and backward to 10, learning about four shapes: squares, rectangles, triangles, & circles AND identifying them in our world. We are also discovering patterns. We hope you will work on these skills at home as well. Thanks!

Purposeful Play

The teachers provide time for purposeful play each and everyday! We feel this is the most important thing for the growth and development of our young kindergarteners. We are thankful that we work in a district that believes this to be true as well! Our "play" comes in many different forms. Some times the children will enter the room or end the day with tables full of toys. We spend as much time as we can outdoors (weather permitting). We are also excited to have a special "play-room" just for kindergarten (which will be opening soon), and of course we provide one 30 minute recess each day after lunch.

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

9/20 Partnership Night 6:00pm (Meet with teachers to hear about kindergarten)

9/20 PTO Little Caesars Fundraiser Night (Look for flier coming home soon)

9/28 PTO General Membership Meeting 7:00pm @ C.E. Media Center

Teacher Contacts

Jodi Gabbard: 248-623-5132

Dana johns: 248-623-5130

Diane Knakal: 248-623-5131