Mark Twain's Life

Kim Mackey 7th period


Born nov.30,1835

Sixth child

Born with different name

Name is samaul longhorn

Father was a poor provider

early childhood

Moved when he was 4 years old

Moved to Hannibal mo.

Father died when samaul was 12

Played hookie a lot

Had 5 siblings


In 1857 was a river boat pilote

Wrote a book about his time as a river boat pilote

Book was called "life on the Mississippi"

Stopped being a river boat pilote because of civil war

Became a reporter


Marred in 1870

Wife was Olivia longdon

Olivia helped with writing

Had 4 kids

Kids were Landon Clara Suzy Jean


  • Writing
  • Boating
  • Hookie as a kid
  • Smoking
  • Billards