Mrs. Trout's Weekly News

January 4-8th

Welcome Back!!!

Welcome back to school in 2016!! I am very excited to see what the Students will be able to achieve! We are now ready to be more independent with our reading and writing!!! Please encourage your child to try to sound words out independently and without assistance for their reading and writing! They can do it!!! Remind them to say "I think I can"!

I found a great article about reading and writing and activities you can do with your child! Check it out below.

Here's what we learned this week:

Language Arts: We reviewed our sight words. We learned the new sight words: with, me and she. The students read these words in text, wrote them and used them in the correct context when speaking. We reviewed non-fiction and informational text. We reviewed verbs. We discussed that verbs are action words. We read the non-fiction concept reader Pandas grow. Students illustrated and wrote about the different actions that Pandas can do. Students also listened to the book book Pandas grow up. Students used adjectives to describe the pandas and use verbs to complete informational writing about these animals. The students worked in differentiated reading groups. We focused on learning good reading strategies (using our pointy finger, using the pictures as clues, sounding out the words, etc..) Students read books with our sight words in them. Students worked in literacy centers focusing on beginning ,middle and ending sounds, word building , and sight word writing writing.

Letters of the week: Students focused on learning median vowel sounds. We learned the letter a has two sounds. Students will focus on word families and words with the sound of: a, e, i , o u and sometimes y in the middle of words. Students completed literacy centers on these skills. Students wrote words with these sounds and read books focusing on each sound.

Math: Students learned how to join numbers together to form and make a larger number. This is the beginning of our addition unit. Students used two tone counters to represent numbers and show how to join them together. We focused on numbers 1-10. Students used math manipulatives to help them complete numerous critical thinking activities. Students learned the math terms : sum and in all. Students used their critical thinking skills to complete math problems.

Social Studies/ Science : We learned about the different animal habitats. We focused on: the desert, grasslands, forest, ocean and arctic. We charted the different animals and where they live. We compared and contrasted the habitats and animals that live there. Students completed informational writing about the animals and where they live.

Pictures of the week:

Reminders and upcoming events:

  • First Grade information night will be on January 27th at 6:30! Please RSVP to if you are interested in attending! We have a great first grade program! Come and see what your child will learn!
  • Principals breakfast will be on January 15th- come and eat with Mr. Rodia
  • January 18th - No school - Martin Luther King holiday

Have a super weekend!