A Leprechaun Trap

Question: How can I catch a Leprechaun?


If tested, This trap will be the best for a leprechaun.


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To make my Leprechaun Trap, I would need to get my supplies:

  • An oatmeal box/cylinder
  • A styrofoam bowl
  • Red, Cream-colored, or any type of paint
  • String
  • Bobbers (approximately 2)
  • A small cylinder
  • Some type of block (long in length)

Then I follow these simple steps:

  1. I cut the oatmeal box in half (depending how tall yours is)
  2. Paint the inside and outside of the oatmeal box
  3. Paint the styrofoam bowl

Then I start making the trapping mechanism by:

  1. Wrapping the string around the bobbers
  2. Tying the string on the doorknob (small cylinder)
  3. Tying the string once again but to the top of the block

Then I add some small lights for decoration.

I then glue in the lights, trapping mechanism, and the bottom of the house.


Everything went according to plan and worked perfectly.


A pulley is the best simple machine for this trap.

Created By Reggan Kuhlman