invitation for the training course on learning in EVS


Cazalla Intercultural is happy to invite you to be part of the project on learning, learning support and the recognition of learning in the EVS projects.
Cazalla Intercultural has a big experience in the field of learning and in the field of EVS. In the past years we have developed manuals on learnign in EVS, benn part of the research of factors supporting learning in the international learning mobility and finally for the last 1,5 year we has been developing the new tool for support and recognition of learning in EVS - the special EVS ecosystem within the UNIQUE LEARNING BADGES tool (http://www.learningbadges.eu/)
We would like to implement the training course on learning in EVS to share our experience, improve the quality of the implementation of EVS project all around Europe, contribute to the on-goaing accredditation process in the MEDA region, and share and learn new ways of supporting volunteers and validating their learning achivments.


  1. Members/ staff or volunteers of the organizations active in the field of Youth
  2. Comming from the programme countries or the neighbouring partner countries
  3. Are coming from organizations who have previous EVS expereince
  4. Would like to develop their skills to improve the learning dimension in the EVS projects they are implementing
  5. Are able to communicate in English

Aims & Objectives

The aim of the projectis to develop the competences of youth workers and equip them with the new tools to be able to support the learning of volunteers in the best ways possible.

  • to empower youth workers and mentors to offer quality learning support to the EVS volunteers
  • to facilitate tools for learning support and mentoring for the volunteers, in order to help them to develop new competences
  • to share the expereince with the UNIQUE LEARNING BADGES and a tool for the validation of learning in EVS
  • to reflect on the competences that can be developed in EVS to support the employability of young people

Practical info:

WHERE: Lorca, Spain
WHEN: middle-end of October 2014
FINANCIAL ASPECT: there is no participation fee, the boarding and lodging will be covered from the ERASMUS+ grant, and the travel costs will be covered by the distance calculator flat rates.

Please contact us before 18th of April if you would like to be a partner in this training.


We would like to invote all the interested organizations to fill out the short google form by the 18th of April (link above)

In case of any questions you can contact us by e-mail: info@cazalla-intercultural.org