Peter Swamp Bridge

Yellow Table



craft sticks



Material Justification

We used cups to hold up the craft sticks. We used the craft sticks for the cars to drive on. The craft sticks made the road and the ramps. We used the tape to attach the crafts sticks together, and to attach the craft sticks to the cups. We attached the ramps to the road with tape. The rocks were used to make a gate so the cars would not fall off the sides.

Improvements for the Future

If we could make our bridge again we would want to make both of the ramps straight, so that the cars would not flip over. We would like to add more decoration to it to make people like it more. We would also want to make it stronger by adding more cups under the road and filling the cups with sugar cubes. The sugar cubes would make it heavier and that would make it stronger.

Our Group

Mr. S. Dakon

Miss Payton Riley Daly

Mr. Deshawn Diawaku

Miss Ellie Rose McMickle