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Reese H.

About Me!

My name is Reese H, I am 12 years old and reading is not my favorite thing to do but I do read a lot! When I read books I read them quite quickly. I enjoy books where the main character has a problem they have to over come!

10 things about me as a Reader!

1.) I read quickly 2.) I hate fairytales 3.) I love books that have movies too!

4.) I barely read an entire series 5.) I love crime books 6.) I get really bored when people tell me which books I can and not read 7.) I can't read when its loud 8.) I read on random days 9.) I love the books Mocking Bird, Fault in Our Stars, Out of My Mind, and Wonder! 10.) I rarely read a book over again!

My Favorite Books!

Happy by Pharrell Williams
I chose this song because it makes me happy, just like how reading does!

My interests and Favorites

Some of my favorite interests are soccer, basketball, volleyball and track! When not doing those activities I enjoy playing with my friends and family. Some of my favorite books are Wonder, Counting BY Sevens, Out of My Mind and many more! My favorite genres are crime and realistic fiction!

April- May Blog!

My book I am reading now is The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin. I am reading this for class and we are in groups that we meet every week to discuss the book! Its really fun, and not only do we discuss it we have jobs that help us better interpret the book! The book I read before The Westing Game was Deadly Little Lie by Laurie Faria Stolarz and it was really good!
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Good Recommendation Sites!

I think that is helpful because it helps you find books that you would like and because after you read a book it gives you similar books to read!


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