DISD Tuesday Tech Talk

May 3, 2016

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Tech Fair Coming to DISD!

We will be having our very first annual Diboll ISD Tech Fair! This will be held on June 2 during our Staff Development! And....we need YOU to be a presenter!

There will be short 20-30 minute sessions for folks to choose from throughout the day! Also....Fun, Food and Door Prizes!! I will be sending out a Google Form TODAY for anyone who would like to be a presenter! If you have received a Tech Grant in the past three years, please consider presenting.

I can't wait for everyone to see what everyone else has been doing with technology this year! YOU ROCK!

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Shout Out!

Amber Price - Students completed book reviews by using the app, Chatterpix! Chatterpix Kids can make anything talk...pets, friends, doodles and more. Simply take any photo...and record your voice. Check out Chatterpix HERE.

Lisa Heath - Mrs. Heath rocked it again! See the picture below of 8th graders voting ONLINE, using Google Forms, for prom king and queen as they arrive at the 8th Grade Dance!

Deanna Willmann - Mrs. Willman says, "I have been using google forms for assignments in class. I first started it with assessments, but now I use it regularly. I set up a form for whatever assignment, even if it is multiple choice. Students can still have a paper copy (or not! However, sometimes it is easier with the graphics in some subjects). They submit their answers using google forms. Then, I can use Flubaroo (a google add on) to automatically grade the assignment based on whatever google form I choose as the answer document. Typically, I just go submit my own form so I know the answers are right and use mine as a key. It's great because I can instantly see their grades, their submissions, and it flags questions that the majority of the kids did poorly on. I'm able to see if that is a problem area or if their was a problem with wording or any other issues. I love this!"

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Rock Solid Science Apps!

From TCEA...Magnets, balloons, batteries, beakers, and microscopes all belong in the science lab. The tablet generation has also brought us a new resource: apps. Here are six that are as necessary as safety goggles and an eye wash station. Click HERE to learn more!

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