Uncle Tom's Cabin

by: Kylie Tweed, Hannah Grinnell & Halle Tarvin


Although all men are created equal it is depicted in Uncle Tom's Cabin that 1850's culture favored whites due to their ability to contribute to society and to their education.

Kylie Tweed

a) In the images of Uncle Tom's cabin many ideas are depicted such as a a level of acceptance with the struggles happening in society and lack of education in blacks. There are also ideas of a certain holiness that the whites held with god over the blacks.

b) I think the most surprising thing I witnessed in these images would be the idea of submission from the blacks to the whites. Although they knew the injustices they dealt with they also felt they couldn't do much about it because of the positions that whites held in society. Also, considering the actual story was anti-slavery it was surprising that many images depicted examples of the negative aspects to slavery rather than showing a more anti- slavery stance that the story produces.

Halle Tarvin

a) Subtle ideas throughout these images are not only white superiority, but also the lack of education in blacks, the inability to contribute to society, as well as the mockery and embarrassment of blacks. It is very prominent that the 1850s in America are tainted by racial stereotyping.

b) The most surprising thing about these images was the idea that in the 1850s, only ten years before the abolishing of slavery,such strong black stereotyping and ridicule was so common and accepted throughout American society. The story itself, Uncle Tom's Cabin, was an anti-slave children's book. It is depicted in daily life such as advertisements as well as plays, post cards, etc. and its subject matter is abused in a racially stereotypical way.

Hannah Grinnell

In the images on the website and depicted above there are subtle ideas of pain and injustice. The pain is from the fact that the black people do not have any real role in society and that they remain uneducated as a majority because of the circumstances that they have been put through unfairly. The injustice is from the fact that they are treated like uneducated lesser people. They are treated as property and do not have a real role in society only the role the white people give them.

The most surprising thing about the images were that not all of them showed pain. Some of the pictures depicted the black man/women caring for a child or for a family member with happiness not pain or hate. It was also surprising that the black people were not always shown as lesser in a picture. They could be shown as good and welcomed in a postive way not a negative way.