By M. Alekseev

Jingle bells. Canzone di natale. ♥♥

Christmas Crackers.

It is believed to be created in London, in 1847, but it is not sure by who, Tom Smith or James Hovell. Already in 1840s "Paris sweets" were wrapped in coloured paper, but it is said that it was James Hovell who was inspired by the sound of fire, but it was Tom Smith who putted papers with jokes in the crackers. Later crackers were filled with other things as hats and other.

The traditional way of opening crackers is by crossing arms and making a big circle, and then pulling both hands.

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During Victorian times children made cards greeting cards to their parents in their best handwriting. Sometimes adults also did them, but it took long time, so adults did it rarely.

Later printed cards were made for king Henry Cole, and very sold for 1 shilling, but first company, which started making Christmas cards was Charles Goodall & sons, while first charity card was made in 1949 by Unicef.

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Decorations was an important of Christmas at that time.

The christmas tree was made popular by Queen Victoria's husband, who brought it from Germany. First it was decorated with edible decorations, but in 1860 glass bubbles decorations were made. Later decorations were brought from Germany.



Only rich people got toys.

Poor children got food as oranges.


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