Third Grade News from Mrs. C

Nov. 16th - 20th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hi Everyone-

This is our last week of school before having our week long Thanksgiving break!

We have a lot of information to cover before our winter break begins so we'll be working at sled dog speeds to get it all in.

Please be sure and look over the calendars to know what is going on in the upcoming days.

Gardening PBL

Our beds were treated for ants and we'll begin working in them again once it stops raining.

Each class researched plants to grow in the beds and we'll be deciding this week what we want to plant.

A great gift for your child would be a pair of gardening gloves to be kept at school across the year. We could also use hand tools.

This link to The Home Depot gives some examples (ignore the bigger or seriously dangerous looking items). We are thinking trowels, rakes & weeders.

Dates to Remember

Nov. 17th: Thanksgiving Meal (lunch time is 12:30-1:00)

Nov. 18th: Planetarium in Gym 11:30-12:15

Nov. 19th: Mrs. C is absent (Mrs. Salman subs)

Nov. 20th: 3-5th Assembly & RRSC Recognition + check given

Nov. 23rd-Nov. 27th: Thanksgiving Vacation Week!!

Dec. 1st: Author visit

Dec. 18th-Jan. 4th: Winter Break

Jan. 5th: First day back at school

What We're Studying and Learning...


We will be looking at how we can use the skill of inferencing to help with, and add to, our comprehension of a story. Inference uses our background knowledge and events in a text to “read between the lines” and discover more about characters and the author’s message. We'll also look at cause and effect.


We continue to work on expository writing. We are really working on writing on one topic and using main idea sentences to create a piece of non-fiction writing that informs the reader of new information. There will be a writing assignment in class based upon a district expectation this week.


We are beginning a three week unit on fractions. We will be connecting fraction concepts with fraction notation. This week our focus will be on linear, number line, and area model fractions as well as sets in fractions.

Science & Social Studies-

This week we are finishing our current study of government and the 3 branches. Students are learning the jobs of each branch plus what taxes are used for. They are also wrapping up a study of soil and how weathering and erosion help to create it.