By Evan Barton

Aruba is a small Caribbean island.

Arubas capital is Orjanstad. Arubas 4 major cities are Babijn, Angochi, Arasji, and Balashi. Aruba was never controlled by another country. Aruba gained independence in 1981. Aruba is not controlled by another country fifth now. Arubas official language is Dutch and Papiamento. Arubas flag is blue with 2 yellow stripes at the bottom and with a red compass at the top left hand corner. Aruba is in the Caribbean. Arubas physical features are Jamanota, Altovista, and the Quadirikiri cave. Arubas government is a constitutional monarchy. Arribas leader is Michiel Godfriend Eman. Arubas currency is Aruban Florin. Arubas Economic system is Capitalism. People should visit Aruba because it is fun to explore and their is a lot of interesting sightings. When tourists go to Aruba they should go explore the caves and see the ancient Indian paintings and they should go water tubing.