University of Oregon

Eugene, Oregon

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Basic School Info:

  • They have an awesome teaching program- Ranked 12th in the nation. I will need to get a Bachelor's Degree in order to become a teacher.
  • Tuition & Fees: $10,761
  • Estimated total per year if living in dorms: $26,204
  • Total after 4 years (if still living in dorms): $103,649
  • Enrollment: 21,566 full-time and 2,559 part-time
  • Student-faculty ratio: 18 to 1

Location Info:

  • UO is located in Eugene, Oregon.
  • It offers many club and intramural sport teams
  • There are lots of bike and hiking trails on campus
  • The campus is surrounded by trees and mountains and is a lot like Grants Pass
  • Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 34°F to 84°F and is rarely below 25°F or above 94°F
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How Do I Get In?

  • Graduate from a standard or accredited high school
  • Earn a C– or better in 15 college preparatory courses
  • Submit your official high school transcripts.
  • Submit SAT or ACT scores
  • Submit an application essay

How Will I Pay?

  • My current cumulative GPA is about 3.8
  • I plan on applying for as many scholarships as I can, including Bearss Memorial Scholarship, Caveman Kiwanis Club Scholarship, Dale Boothe Memorial Scholarship, Drummond Family Scholarship, Flaming Family Scholarship In Memory Of Lucy Flaming, and many, many more.
  • I will also get a job and help pay for part of my college, and my parents may also chip in.
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My High School Goals:

  • During the next 2 years of high school, I plan on having good grades, doing extracurricular activities, and maintaining a good work ethic.
  • I will be taking classes like calculus, AP U.S. history, and leadership.

Helpful Volunteer Work:

  • Volunteer work is very helpful in many aspects of life. It adds to your college application, connects you to your community and school, and contributes to your character.
  • In my future career as a teacher, volunteer work will add to my humbleness and will remind me what goes on behind the scenes in my community.
  • Some volunteer work I do is helping at elementary schools, doing various jobs in the school, and helping with odd-jobs in the community.
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