Let Sports Lead the Way

Accomplish Your Goals Through Sports

Sports Teach You About Life.

Sports have always been an important part of my life. My parents started me out very young in organized sports. They never pushed me to play, they just asked me if I wanted to and I always said "YES!"

What I really like about baseball is that it teaches you to not give up. I have been told that baseball is a game about failure. If you go 3 for 10 at bat, that is a good batting average; however you have failed 7 times. You have to know how to handle failure and use it to strive for more success.

Because of baseball I have met new friends and it has helped me to learn to focus, handle failure, and show determination. This helps me at school and in my life.

People Who Help

My coaches have helped me a lot, my parents, and other players. Andrew McCutchen is a baseball player that I respect. I look up to him not only because he is good at baseball, but because he is a good person. Here is a quote from Andrew McCutchen.

"It's about more than just being a baseball player. It's using that to do things that help out humanity, and being able to give back to your community and being able to interact with it. You always have to remember where you came from."

Some of the Top Jobs in this Area Include:

Guaranteed to be More than a Job!

College Majors that Help

Your college majors can be:

  • Biology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Communications
  • Media

My Next Steps to Following my Dreams

  1. Look for colleges that have these majors
  2. Look for some financial help
  3. Ask questions about other possibilities
  4. Get good grades
  5. Work hard at practice