Soo many homeless people

In York Region By: Nazanin

What is homelessness?

There are two types of homelessness. There is “absolute homelessness.” This means that a person lives on the street and they don't have a home. The second type is “relative homelessness.” It means that they live in an unsuitable place that is not safe.

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How do people become homeless?

People don't become homeless for no reason. There are many ways to become homeless. Some people at the age of 13 to 20 run away from their houses because their parents don't take good care of them or they just want another life. They could also have lost there job. People also waste lots of there money on things they don't need to survive.

What are the effects of being homeless?

There are many effects of being homeless. You could get sick from the weather if it is too cold, hailing, etc. You could also get skin diseases from the sun and germs. physical and sexual assault. Homeless people have no confidence. they also don't care for themselves so they don't get the things they need to survive.

How can we help the homeless?

It is always very helpful to give them money but don't give the money directly to them because they will probably use it for drugs and alcohol. Donate the money. Be kind. It is much better to be kind then ignore them. Try to make them smile!
Youth Homelessness In Canada

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