Executive Branch

By:Courtney Carr And Willow Arnold

Vice President

  • Be prepared to become president at any time.
  • President of the senate
  • He is apart of the committee that judges if the president is no longer able to perform his/hers duties.

The Vice President's influence and prominence change

The Vice President moved from quite, sometimes unknown, presidential adviser to prominent policy maker. The Vice President has Gradually became more and more of an closer advisor to the president.

The Current Members of the cabinet

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The Duties of the Cabinet

The Cabinet's duty is to advise the President on any matter he may require, this must relate to the duties of each member's respective office.

The National Security Council

Advises the president of National Security Concerns, actions and issues.

The Office Management and Budget Duties

They handle the, National Budget and and documents that come to the President.

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The White House Staff

-President chief of staff- the man closest to the president

- Press secretary- spokesperson to the media and the american people

-Personal aids and advisors- friends and confidants

Federal Bureacuracy

500 departments and agencies that carry out responsibilities assigned to them by congress.
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Regulatory Commissions

  • Organizations created to be independent from presidential and political party involvement


  • create rules and regulations

  • investigate and enforce rules and regulations

  • decide disputes and enact penalties