Bonnie French

23rd of December 1992

Academic Life

I am currently studying my bachelor of Early Childhood Education (0-8 years) at Notre Dame Fremantle Australia. I graduated school in 2010 from Mandurah Catholic College. Once i graduated from high school, I went on to complete my certificate 3 and certificate 4 in Education Support.
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Personal Information

I am currently 20 years of age, I will be turning 21 in December. My mothers side of the family is from Holland and my fathers side is from Australia. I live with my mother, her partner and my own partner. I enjoy watching AFL and from time to time enjoy swimming. I am a girly girl and enjoy my shopping immensely. I am an only child and enjoy peoples company when I get the chance to see them. I was orignally born in Perth, Western Australia and lived in Perth for 8 years, I then moved up north to a town called Kununurra, Western Australia where we lived for 4 years, my mother and myself then moved to Mandurah in Western Australia, as sadly my mother and father are no longer together.