analyzing viola

By'Janca millsap


viola would describe herself as strong willed independent. she would also say that she is brave. she would say that she is strong willed and independent because she made her own decisions and did things by herself in certain situations.


viola she was forced to act like a lady. she cant say I love you to men. she can not do a lot of things that men can do .she basically has to be dependent and depend on a man to take care of her. she dressed up as her brother so she could be independent and work. because as a women she's not able to work. and viola wanted to make her own money.


some people may perceive viola as a sneaky and determined character. because she risked getting in trouble to be dress and act like her brother jus so she can play on the boys soccer team.

simalarities and diffrences

in the movie she's the man viola and I have some things in common are that we strive for things that we want to do. we do what ever it takes. viola and I are similar in many different ways and where also different. in some ways where different are that we strive for different things