Changing Jobs?

By: Sarah Petty

Wanting to change up stuff?

Think about what makes you want to change up stuff

What made me go into nursing?

What do I love about this career?

Am I happier more often than I am unhappier at work?

Developing a plan

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Developing a plan

Step 1: Identify your learning needs

Step 2: Prioritize your learning needs

Step 3: Prepare a learning plan

Step 4: Do the learning activities

Step 5: Evaluate your learning

Step 6: Record your learning

Beginning the New Journey?

  • Most people's deepest vocational passions fall within three categories: teaching, healing, and creating. If your focus in your career is on doing one of these three things, you're far more likely to draw satisfaction from your job.
  • Having a spouse or partner with a steady job makes switching careers a lot easier, but is by no means necessary. You should, however, seek the moral support of friends and family.
  • Consider donating your time for free if your new chosen profession enables this, to help you gain some experience and meet people in the field.
  • Build a camaraderie with your office mates.
  • Consider shifting roles within your workplace to give you a more rewarding experience.