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Stunt, 28, has a fortune of his own to protect. An avid wine collector, he owns a collection of sports cars and recently bought Petra, 22, a pair of £80,000 earrings. They certainly have a formidable combined wealth. In June 2011, Petra bought America’s most expensive house. She and James plan to settle there once they are married. The pile, which has 123 rooms, was owned by the Spelling family and was on the market for £92million. Petra also owns a £52million Chelsea home. This is where it gets really scary; she is now threatening the world of ultra-rich socialite reality show stars. Petra now hopes to launch her own reality show, starting with plans to throw a huge celebrity bash at her new pad, to welcome herself to Hollywood.

Billionaire businessman James Stunt £1million calvalcade of cars has been spotted for a second time this week, parked outside another prestigious art gallery in the capital. A traffic warden patrolling the exclusive South Kensington streets close to the prestigious art house was not intimidated by the five-strong cavalry of Rolls Royce, Range Rovers and a Lamborghini.

James Stunt

Stunt’s personal successes started when he was only 21 years old. He didn’t lose his inheritance like many heirs. Instead, he used it to build his own empire. He reportedly invested a few million in the shipping business. Specifically, he targeted cargo vessels from the 1980s. As the demand for steel in China increased, so did the value of his investment. It is estimated that the vessels skyrocketed from $2-3 million to $10-$15 million over time.