Hingle Mcringleberry Inc.

A seminar to help motivate YOU!

Theories of Motivation!

Drive-Reduction Theory

Drive Reduction Theory - Working for ways to relieve stress to be in a more comfortable environment for yourself

- Eat to be less hungry

- Work to make more money

Humanistic Theory

Learn about how you and many others may have a drive to further yourself in personal achievement or artistic fulfillment at any cost even if you must give up some basic needs!

Sensory Stimulation!

A desire to feel different things!

Are you the type of person who likes to completely relax and melt into your couch? Or would you prefer extreme thrills and adrenaline?

Come to our seminar and find what Amount of stimulation appeals to you!

Goals and their rewards!

Performance Goals

What kinds of things would you like to achieve? Admission to college? Approval by peers or parents? then Performance Goals is a great place to start learning!

Learning Goals

Are you interested about learning for the sake of Learning itself? then you better be certain to come to hour Learning goals session!

Extrinsic Rewards

Learn about rewards such as good grades, a paycheck or even Respect from others!

Intrinsic rewards

Perhaps your goals are about self satisfaction, then this is the session for you!

Positive emotions

While you are here we will do our best to create a positive atmosphere where you can ask any questions you feel you need answers to. We also have a fully functional staff to help make this seminar fun and beneficial for you! We look forward to seeing you!