Andrew Jackson EXPOSED!

BY; Ife

Indian Removal Act

Andrew wanted to kick out the Cherokee and other tribes from the Georgia. In order for more land. The Cherokee were a civil nation so they sued saying they are their on country. They won the court case BUT Jackson did not care and still kicked them out.

Nulification Crisis

The congress put more taxes on not American products or goods. The south suffered heavily because they buy their crops from other countries, With all the crops they bought plus the tariff made them very poor. South Carolina threatains to leave the nation Because they do not want to pay the tariff. So Jackson gets a force bill making him able to send the ilitary there forcing them in. But then South Carolina said ok ok fine we will stay.
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Spoil System

The spoil system is a system that rewards supporters for voting for the canidate and gets a job in the goverment. Jackson did this when he won his first election. He kicked everyone out and brought in people who don't even know what to do. Close friends and family members benefited from this system.
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