St James' School Uniform

Following a lengthy consultation period with all stakeholders the St James’ Catholic School Board have approved a new school uniform. This uniform will be available for purchase from Academy Apparel for all new entrants and new enrolments and will be phased in for other students as their uniform needs replacing.

Academy Apparel are currently coordinating the embroidery of uniform items, so we ask for your patience while this occurs.

The uniform is expected to be available towards the end of January.

Given the timing of the Christmas Break, all new entrants and new enrolments starting early 2023 may wear their PE/Sports uniform.

The uniform concepts were developed with consideration to:

  • look smart;

  • be practicable;

  • gender neutral;

  • allow all students to take a pride in their appearance;

  • be cost effective for parents; be easy for parents to purchase and replace;

  • be made of good quality, hard-wearing materials and washable;

  • allow learners to feel comfortable and culturally safe so that they can focus on their learning.

The uniform design will include a full suite of uniform items, some of which may not be pictured here.

Big picture

Green Polo Shirt with Embroidery

Polar Fleece ½ Zip with Embroidery or Bottle Jersey

Navy Skort with Label

Navy Short with Label

Navy Drill Pant with Label

The PE (Sports) Uniform and Green Bucket hat will remain unchanged.

Shoes: Black vinyl or leather school shoes, plain brown or black sandals. No sneakers/sport or skate shoes unless the PE Sports Uniform is being worn.

Socks: Navy knee-length socks or navy ankle socks

Stockings: Navy

Academy Apparel Uniform List

Uniform Policy

Analena Siu

Presiding Chair, St James' Catholic School Board