Exam Reminders

Exam Week- May 17-20 (7:45-11:30 am)

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Exam Times

Tuesday, May 17th

1st period- 7:45-9:25

2nd period- 9:50-11:30

Wednesday, May 18th

3rd period- 7:45-9:25

4th period- 9:50-11:30

Thursday, May 19th

5th period- 7:45-9:25

6th period- 9:50-11:30

Friday, May 20th

7th period- 7:45-9:25 (Students dismissed at 9:30.)

** 7th and 8th graders are not required to be at school this day.**

Special Note

If a student does not have an exam during a certain period, he/she may come in late or leave early on that day. However, if a student takes an exam, he/she IS REQUIRED to stay the entire testing time. We cannot allow students to leave if they finish early during an exam period.