The Restoration Project

Restoring People, Restoring Families, Restoring Communities

What is Restoration Church?

Restoration Church will be a place where people can either enter into or deepen the relationship they already have with Jesus Christ. Restoration wants to help others know that God loves them, cares for them, and wants the very best for them. Restoration Church wants to "do life with people" by providing hope in a world that often seems hopeless.

Why Another Church?

This is not another church….it is a movement. (involving others to make a change)

What Will Restoration Do?

  • Offer new ways to respond to the needs of people, families, and the community
  • Provide new ways to respond to the emptiness that some people, families, and communities feel
  • Present the biblical message to different learning styles using 21 century methods and paradigms

How Will Restoration Be Different?

  • Will not be lecture based…will have hard conversations about how life and faith are connected (we want your voice to be heard)
  • We will respond to God's Call to Action..daily
  • We will look for ways to "pour" into a person, a family, and a community

Become A Part of the Restoration Project

There are three ways to become involved with Restoration Church.

  • Pray - communicate with God about the allowing the vision to happen & people to catch the vision and come onboard
  • Serve - find a team by be a part of
  • Give - provide monetary assistance

Contact for more information.

Restoration Church