Cougar Updates

Week of February 25, 2019- March 2, 2019

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This Week

Monday 2/25/19

  • TELPAS Testing (AM and PM Sessions)

Tuesday 2/26/19

  • Cabinet Meeting- Crucial Conversations Chapters 5 and 6
  • Twilight- Library 430-630PM
  • TELPAS Testing (AM and PM Sessions)
  • *JV Brown and Varsity Girls Soccer vs McCallum @ Burger (6/745PM)
  • College Forward Parent Night (6-8PM)
  • Evacuation Drill (430-5PM)
  • HS Guitar Evaluation
  • JVA/JVB/Varsity Boys Soccer vs McCallum @ Noack #1 (6/445/745PM)
  • V Baseball: Eastside vs Crockett @ Garrison Field (6:00pm)
  • Softball: Crockett vs Lockhart @ Garrison 530/7PM

Wednesday 2/27/19

  • Mindfulness for Teachers in Library (8-830AM)
  • Twilight (Library 430-630PM)
  • TELPAS Testing (AM and PM Sessions)
  • JV Gold Girls Soccer @ Del Valle (445PM)

Mindfulness Practice Invite

Crockett teachers and faculty are invited to join JoAnn from the Amala Foundation on Wednesday, February 27th, for a mindfulness practice! This practice will be from 8:00-8:30AM in the library. No need to have prior yoga/mindfulness experience and no need to wear work out clothing. This practice is very gentle and accessible to all abilities. More info can be found below, but I hope you are able to make it!

Mindfulness Practice

A slower paced practice focused on conscious breathing and basic seated chair yoga postures to support a state of relaxation, reduce stress, strengthen awareness, and cultivate a more mindful relationship to breath. The focus is on developing practices for emotional wellbeing and self care. No prior experience required.

JoAnn Carreon Reyes

JoAnn is the coordinator of school program for the Amala Foundation. She has over 25 years of public school teaching experience in Austin schools and has completed 300 hours of yoga teacher training from Dharma Yoga in Austin. JoAnn is also graduate of the Mindful Schools educator training. She teaches mindfulness/yoga to students and educators in several public schools in Austin.

Emily Hammons

Life Skills Teacher

Thursday 2/28/19

  • TELPAS Testing (AM and PM Sessions)
  • JV Baseball: Manor/Elgin JV1 Tournament Manor/Elgin
  • Twilight- Library 430-630PM

Friday 3/1/19 (A Day)

  • TELPAS Testing (AM and PM Sessions)
  • JV Baseball: Manor/Elgin JV1 Tournament Manor/Elgin
  • *JVA/JVB/Varsity Boys Soccer vs Lanier @ Burger (6/445/745PM)
  • Create FIT Sessions for Next Week/ Check FIT Duty
  • DUE: Spring SLO Revision Submissions
  • Eligibility Check
  • Softball: Hyde Park Tournament

Saturday 3/2/19

  • Saturday School- Library 9AM-12PM
  • JV Baseball: Manor/Elgin JV1 Tournament Manor/Elgin
  • JV Brown and Varsity Girls Soccer vs Lanier @ House Park (9/1045AM)
  • JV Gold Girls Soccer vs Lanier @House Park (1230PM)
  • Softball: Hyde Park Tournament

Mark your calendars!

Future Important Dates

March 7th: Late Start Day

March 18th-22nd: Spring Break Holiday

April 4th: Late Start Day

April 7th: Cap10k

April 19th: Student Holiday, Staff Professional Development Day

May 2nd: Late Start Day

May 24th: Last Day of Classes for Students

May 27th: Staff and Student Holiday

May 28th: Student Holiday, Staff Professional Development Day

May 29 - Graduation (10:00 am)


Spring Testing Dates (April and May)

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Substitute Nurse on Campus

Hi all,

I will be out on vacation next week and Crockett will have a substitute nurse while I'm gone. The nurse on duty Monday and Tuesday will just be on campus from9:30 - 3:15.

Please only send students with urgent health needs orstudents who have medication in the health room to the nurse's office before or after those times on Monday and Tuesday. Ms. Robinson and Ms. Snyder (our wonderful Quick Care staff!) will only be available to help students who have any critical needs.

Please try to take care of minor cuts, blisters, etc. in the classroom. If you are in need of new band aids, send me an email by tomorrow afternoon and I'll put new supplies in your mailbox. ​

Nurse Carr

Counseling for Juniors in Cohort 2020

Please use the information below to send your student(s) to the appropriate counselor assigned to your Juniors at this time:

  • A-F Courtney Wortham (Family Resource Center)
  • G-O Amy Rogers (270s Office)
  • P-Z Mike Quintana (270s Office)

Black History Month

Honoring Black Authors at the Crockett Library

My library aides and a couple other student volunteers helped with creating a display case and accompanying interactive bulletin board honoring black writers for Black History Month. The QR codes link to videos that show various content about each writer. Scan them to see these people talking or reading or watch a mini-bio - each one is different.

Thank you Janice Snyder for making the large posters of the quotes.

This was a fun project and it was nice to see our students invested in it - please encourage your own students to take a look, read some quotes, scan a video and learn a little about these accomplished artists:

FIT Duty

Below is a link to our Spring FIT Duty Assignments. Please look over these assignments and mark them in your calendars.

Thank you!

Spring FIT Duty Schedule

Lunch Duty

Teacher lunch duty has been assigned to you at either the beginning or end of the student lunch for ten minutes. To ensure the safety of all of our students, please be at your duty station at the assigned time. If you are going to be absent, please include your duty station in your sub plans.

A BIG THANK YOU to our teachers who consistently are at their duty stations!

Teacher Lunch Duty Schedule

Spring Final Exemption Form

Hello Crockett Cougars,

Please use the form below for your Spring Final Exemptions. Let me know if you have any questions.

Spring Final Exemption Form

Thank you,

Jordan Benson

PPfT Information


Attached is a new link for the PPfT Online Support Guide (the previous link was broken due to the AISD website format changes).

PPfT Instructional Rubric is on pgs. 8 -14 (the links work again that link to the 3 & 4 levels).

Professional Growth and Responsibility timeline is coming up. You can review that information on pgs. 15-21.

Advisory: No Place for Hate and Safe Alliance Lessons

Hi All,

There were so many things happening last Thursday and many of you were off campus during advisory, causing your students to miss out on the No Place for Hate/SAFE lesson on Consent. If you were unable to complete that lesson last week with your students, we would encourage you to engage your students in the conversation today or within the next week or two. If you feel you need assistance with this lesson, please let us know and we can find a co-teacher to assist you.

SAFE lesson on Consent (scheduled for 2/21):

Happy Monday!

Michelle Kailey Snyder, M.A.

Crockett Advisory

Happy 2019 CHS Advisory Teachers!

We hope you enjoy this week-long opportunity to start fresh, and team build, with your respective advisory classes.

Here is the link to the Spring AVID/SEL folder in case you would like to star it in your google drive or pin in it your email. See me, or another SEL leader, if you need support in doing so.

Thank you and have a great Crockett day!

Ms. McMillon

U.S. History & AP Government

Social Studies Instructional Lead

Crockett HS - The Heart of South Austin

Tutorials: FIT or 4:30-5 pm (A-days)

Design Firm

Faculty and Staff,

It’s your friendly neighborhood design firm request link!

Let us know if there’s anything we can create for you this week. We’ve done some logo work for the fine arts department and created snapchat filters for the class of 2021 so if you can think it, we can create it!

Design Request Form

Crockett Instagram

Good morning, Cougars!

The Crockett Instagram is well and alive! If your team/organization has anything they would like to advertise or celebrate, please send photos and captions my way!

If your team/organization have their own Instagram, remember to tag @crockettcougars!

Have a wonderful Crockett day!

Jessica Dunn

Group and Team Pictures for the Yearbook

Good morning!

We are reaching our final deadline for the 2019 yearbook and are still needing plenty of group photos to include in the yearbook. If you run a club, organization, team or group of any kind this applies to you!

We have set aside two days for you all to have your photos taken. On Tuesday, March 5th and Wednesday, March 6th you may schedule a time to have your group/club or team picture taken for the yearbook. These are the ONLY days you can have your group photos taken. If for some reason you absolutely can not make these dates, please reach out to me directly so we can work with you.

***Sports teams, if you are taking your photos professionally, please let me know so I can cross you off our list. Please send me your photos once you have them via email.***

You may sign up using this google doc: Please read the information included on the document.

I have made the google doc available to edit by everyone so please, be respectful! No changing someone's time or deleting names. (I know you all wouldn't do that though

Thank you and have a great day!

Christina Sauceda

Vida Clinic Annual Feedback Survey

Hello Everyone!

Vida Clinic launched the school mental health clinic at Crockett in 2014, and since then, their goal has been to provide access to mental health services for everyone on this campus. Vida Clinic is here to support your students and their families, as well as the staff in this community.

Your voice is extremely important to Vida Clinic and they value your input so they can continue to customize their services to meet the needs of our campus. I am asking all of you to complete a brief survey and provide your feedback. Your responses are completely confidential, and your participation is voluntary.

Again, Vida Clinic wants you to know how important your perceptions and experiences are to them.

Thank you in advance for your participation, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

The link to the survey is:

Vida Clinic Adult Group

Hello All!

We hope this semester is going well for everyone so far! Vida Clinic is here to support you all in addition to supporting our students.

Our goal with students is to help them manage their symptoms and stay in the classroom as much as possible. During class time Vida Clinic use should mostly be limited to therapy appointments and support during a crisis unless special arrangements have been made for students to spend time in the clinic. We are working with our students to make sure they understand this. Please reach out if we can help with this in any way!

If a student is asking to go to Vida Clinic outside of their scheduled appointment or a crisis, you can refer them to their school counselor or Ms. Snyder to assess their need. You can also let them know the clinic is open every day before school and during lunch.

Vida Clinic is excited to be offering a group for Crockett staff this spring.

  • The group will begin in early-to-mid March and will take place during the lunch hour. (We will have a set date for the first group in another week or so.)
  • Lunch will be provided!
  • If you are interested in the group, please respond to this email so we can get an idea of how many people to expect.
  • A description of the group is provided below:

The Mind-Body Group

The Mind-Body Group is a four-part group series aimed to equip teachers with various mindfulness techniques and mind-body-based skills to alleviate stress. The group was founded with the primary goal of offering teachers a space to recharge and reflect. Teachers interested in participating will engage in a wide variety of mind-body techniques, including yogic breathing, meditation, and mindful movement. The Mind-Body Group will be led by Maytal Eyal, who is currently earning her doctorate degree in Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Maytal has been leading stress-alleviation groups with teachers for the last four years, and is a certified yoga instructor.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail:

We appreciate all your hard work and are grateful to work with such a supportive and caring campus.


The Vida Clinic Team

CECHS Block Party Sign Up

Greetings Crockett Staff,

We are currently seeking organizations interested in hosting a booth at the Crockett block party this year from 11:00am-3:00pm on May 11th, 2019. We would like to invite you to participate this year for Crockett High School’s 50th Year Celebration. Our school opened in 1968 and was one of several high school in the Austin area and the primary campus in South Austin.

This year we are planning musical performances, food, fun, and fellowship. We are seeking organizations from the community and within AISD to join us at this event. If you are interested in hosting a booth or event could you please contact me or sign up using the following google sheet?

Thank you,

Kiel Kietlinski

Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, Biotechnology & Science Club

Guitar Shout Out!

Here's a link to an article about Rey Rodriguez and the speech he gave at the ACG Gala mentioned below.

About two weeks ago some of our top guitar students gave an amazing performance at the annual Austin Classical Guitar Gala. We opened up for the inspirational Bert Rojas (pictured below with us). She could not have been nicer. She watched us from back stage as we performed and spent time with each of us and gave us all a personalized autographed cd. This is highly uncommon for a touring artist from my experience in performing these type events in the past.

Berta performed for our class four years ago when the seniors in this group were freshmen. She had just successfully completed treatment for breast cancer and her visit was filmed as a part of the PBS series Arts In Context. To this day the students in that room four years ago speak of how special that moment was for all of us. I still get chills thinking of her leading the class in singing the melody to Julia Florida as a part of a masterclass with our former student Angelica Campbell.

The students performance at the gala was the best experience I've had with any performing group. The level of passion, intensity, beauty, and musicianship they displayed was off the charts. It was truly inspirational and not for just me, the packed house gave them a rousing and prolonged standing ovation! Apparently this has never happened before with a student group. They were treated like rock stars for the rest of the evening by pretty much everyone in attendance.

One of our seniors and future guitar performance major Rey Rodriguez was asked to give a brief speech about the impact the program has had on his life and future career choice. Rey delivered it, as he does with his playing, with poise, confidence, and a sensitivity that belies his young age. He and all of these students are a gift and inspiration to me and I hope that many of you have had the opportunity to share your time with them.

So if you have/had or know/see them give them a bit of recognition for this effort. It didn't garner a trophy or award, but it gave us something more meaningful: a shared experience of excellence and beauty that we will all keep with us.

Nancy Del Bosque

Michael Diaz

Elijah Flores

Celine Juarez

Duncan Lesgaux

Oliver Patino

Rey Rodriguez

Michael Vasquez

If you've made it this far, thanks for the time and allowing me to share my experience. It was awesome in the literal sense of the word.


Choir Shout Out!

Dear Crockett family,

Shout out to our Choir Soloists who sang at UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest Saturday!

Araliya Dooldeniya receieved a Superior rating of 1 on "I Love all Graceful Things" and is qualified for STATE

Jayden Thatcher received a Superior rating of 1 on "Homeward Bound"

Tram Tran received an Excellent rating of 2 on "Ave Maria"

Valerie Gonzalez received and Excellent rating of 2 on Verborgenheit"

Congrats to these fine singers!

Annette Von Ahn

Crockett HS Choir and Piano

Cosmetology Shout Out

Cosmetology just went through their bi annual inspection by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and recieived an other perfect inspection!!

Also, check out the incredible video below! Please congratulate Ms. Villareal, Ms. Moore, and Ms. Farrell for being featured!

Educa Austin (Spanish, Programa en español)

Science Shout Out!

Hello Crockett,

Last week Crockett students participated in the Austin Regional Science Fair. Students have been working on projects for months in the fields of Cellular and Molecular biology, Animal Science, Earth Systems, Plant Science, and Biochemistry. Please congratulate the following students if you see them.

Full Science Fair Video:

Genetic Population Analysis of Texas Wild Hogs (Sus scrofa) Using SSR Markers-----Nia Jenkins, Laritza Esparza, Kaitlyn Holt.

Nominated for the AISD Superintendent Award

Measuring pH and Water Hardness to Determine the Quality of Water-----Mariah Schoonmaker, Yessenia Silva

Transgenomic expression of the AGPase gene for biofuel synthesis utiling E. coli and plant hosts.------Fallon Alexander

Nominated for the AISD Superintendent Award

Winner:NASA Earth System Science Award

Production of a Biofuel Rocket Utilizing Sustainable Crop Based Resources----Gunner WIllie, Ianna Engquist

Bacterial Transformation of E. coli Using the Light Producing pVIB Plasmid--------Nika Baugh

Nominated for the AISD Superintendent Award

Phylogenetic Analysis and Placement of Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) Phenotypes in the Tiger Salamander Clade Utilizing the Cytochrome b Gene--------Caetterina Rogers, Iva Sanchez

Nominated for the AISD Superintendent Award

Survey and Characterization Central Texas Algae in the Austin Area------Kailin Parse

Kiel Kietlinski

Chemistry, Pre-AP Chemistry, Biotechnology & Science Club

Shout Outs to Mr. Kielinski and Students

I was lucky enough to go with Mr. K and the Biotech kids to Science Fair, and it should be said that Kiel K is an outstanding teacher and champion for kids! He works hard to raise money to make sure they have the opportunity, and he planned a fun day for all of them. - Adam

I judge science fair. This was my 7th year. One thing that is often not realized is the level of competition. There are projects that are at a very high level . This is the second year that Kiel has taken students to science fair. His students have won at least one award each year. If you saw the competition, getting awards or a placement for your category or advancing to state is a major accomplishment.

There were a number of truly exceptional projects that I saw and I only see a small portion.

Congratulations to all involved

Elene Heyer

Congrats to Mr. K and his students!

I was lucky enough to be a chaperone for the Science Club trip to Fort Davis last year, and Mr. K's level of planning, commitment and enthusiasm is inspiring.

Way to go, all involved!

Claudia Gibson, MLS


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Shout outs!

A big congratulations for Gunner Willie for winning the San Marcos Tournament consolation medal last Tuesday.

Also, Froilan Solorzano and Arisa Momose won the consolation medals at the same tournament for mixed doubles.

Diego Davila and Alex Ditullio made it to the semi finals and finished fourth at this tournament.

All the athletes are playing hard, showing improvement and giving great effort.

Coach Keith Knedlik

Crockett HS

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Varsity Baseball

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Administrative, Front Office, Student Support Contact information for the 2018-2019 School Year

Front Desk /Main Number 414-2532

Principal: Kori Crawford 414-7806

Principal's Secretary: Diane Carrizales 414-7806

Academy Director: Jordan Benson 414-7898

Assistant Principal, 12th grade: Tiffany Farris 414-8012

Assistant Principal, 11th grade: Rudy Cisneros 414-7803

Assistant Principal, 10th grade: Travis Barrett 414-7802

Assistant Principal, 9th grade: Shana King 414-1053

Lead Counselor-ECHS: Mary Wynn 414-0461

ECHS Coordinator: Brittany Capps 414-7808

Counselor - 12th grade: Michael Quintana 414-7602

Counselor - 11th grade: Kathy Golden 414-7813

Counselor - 10th grade: Amy Rogers 414-7835

Counselor - 9th grade: Courtney Wortham 414-7886

Guidance Secretary & Parent Cloud: Janice Snyder 414-7884

Team Leader - Mark Dawson 414-1054

Attendance Clerk: Carmen Ledesma 414-7807

Bookkeeper: Lilly Trevino 841-1702

Data Processor: Nancy Garcia 414-7873

PEIMS Coordinator: Rosa Robinson 414-7846

Registrar: Kathy Alvarado-Romero 414-7811

Parent Support Specialist: Ron Reed 414-7851

Graduation Coach: Michael Hidalgo 414-7879

Librarian: Claudia Gibson 414-7844

College and Career Center: Michelle Kailey Snyder 414-0460

Communities in Schools: Tara Domasco 841-1646

Special Education Coordinator: Bill Johns 414-7860

Nurse: Julie Carr 414-7888

Head Custodian: Veronica Santos 414-7852

School Resource Officers:

Angélica Covington y Darrell Cheney 841-7606

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