Animal Treatment

by Arieana Schultz

Animals are kind creatures. They should be living out in the wild like free birds are. But instead they are being killed because of people believe it or not ....they are. They are being killed because of many things. First they kill them for there fur or tusks( if it is a elephant). They are not just killing them they are trapping them in cages and sending them to the zoo or even worse.... the circus.Animals should be free!

Facts about some circuses.

According to ASPCA Fight Cruelty it says that while the animals are traveling they are separated from there social groups. It also says that former enployes have reported seeing animals beatin.

According to Enjoy the circus? The animals Don't it says that virtually 96 persent of the animals in the circuses life are spent in cages and ropes. It also says that when the animals are let out they will be whipped,hit,poked, and shocked if they do not do the trick correctly.

According to Carson and Barnes Circus fact sheet the animals are chained in place for up to 100 hours while travel. It also says that while they are traveling they are FORCED to stand in there own waste. It also says that while traveling for thousands of hours they do not get any water.