La Perouse PS Newsletter

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Week 3, Term 2, 2019

Welcome back to Term 2.

I hope everyone was able to spend time with family and friends and enjoyed the wonderful weather. All staff started the term by joining other schools in the Little Bay Community to participate in professional learning at the Prince Henry Centre. The topics of the day were: Teaching for and leading towards greater equity in school, presented by Pasi Sahlberg, Best Practices for Behaviour and School-Home Collaboration for students with ASD, Virtual Reality in the Classroom with STEMShare, Coastal Walk sharing the significance of the land to traditional custodians led by Tim Ella. The day was a great opportunity to network and foster collaboration between schools in the Little Bay Community of Schools.

Didgeridoo Group and Weaving

On Wednesday afternoons this Term, Brock Tutt is teaching the boys how to play the didgeridoo. While this is happening, girls in Burriburri have been learning traditional basket weaving with Aunty Selina. It is very exciting to be able to run the Didgeridoo group and we thank the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for the financial support to make this happen.

Sydney FC Gala Day @ Matraville Sports HS

Last Friday, La Perouse PS took part in a day hosted by Sydney FC and Matraville HS students. Our students took part in drills and skills sessions as well as play games against other Eastern Suburbs schools. It was a great opportunity for our students to get prepared for PSSA Soccer, which starts next week.

Cross Country

On 3rd May, we joined Chifley PS for our annual Cross Country. The following students, Dwayne, Okie Caleb, Jamie, Malakai and Brooklyn, have made it to Eastern Suburbs Zone Cross Country and we wish them all the best.


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Souths Cares Raffle Winner

I would like to publicly acknowledge and thank South Cares for their donation of a Souths Game Day experience, which we raffled to raise funds for the Mongta family. Danielle Lea is the lucky winner of this prize, however we'd like to thank everyone who purchased a ticket.

Maintenance and School Improvements

As part of our annual maintenance works, roofs, gutters and down pipes are being repaired. These works may be disruptive, however we ask for your patience and understanding, which will end with improved facilities for students.

During the holidays we worked hard to de-clutter and clear out damaged and old furniture as well as setting up our Art room. With the help of the Long Bay Community Maintenance Team and the following community members; Colin, Ian, Amy, Oliver, Steve, John, Kristian and Dianne, we have also fox proofed the chicken coop and have lovely and neat looking grounds.

Currently we are preparing a grant submission for a covered-outdoor-learning area to provide a wet-weather and shaded area for sports, assemblies and community events. I'd like to thank Amy and Steve for leading this project, if you'd like to be on the working party please let us know.

Warm regards,

Lisa Haller | Principal