SINNsational 1st Graders

Welcome to Room 4


If your child is bringing in any items to "play" with at recess, please remind them that those items need to stay in his/her backpack and most items can only be used if it's indoor recess.

March 20 - Spring Portfolio Conferences Sign-Up (via Sign-Up Genius)

I will be sending a link on Thursday, March 20, for parents to sign-up for the Spring Portfolio Conferences. Due to the revised school calendar, there is a limited amount of time for conferences so I will be providing several days and times for families to sign-up. Your 1st grader is encouraged to join us for this conference. If you can't find a time that works, please email me and we will find an alternate day/time. I will send an email early next week to confirm what time I will be sending out the link for signing up on Thursday.


This week we read two stories Clyde Monster and The Great Big Enormous Turnip. Your child worked on learning how to use the story to locate the character names, the setting (where and when), problem, solution, and to make a connection (what in the story reminds you of something else). We worked as a class to complete the story map for Clyde Monster but your child independently read The Great Big Enormous Turnip and began to work on the story map. You will find the story map for The Great Big Enormous Turnip in your child's portfolio which will come home in April.


This week we spent time learning about:

  • Writing "How to Catch A Leprechaun". We wrote our "sloppy copies" and finished our good copies. We'll be making a leprechaun which we'll add to our story and then hang in our classroom.
  • We've read several fun stories this week about catching leprechauns this week.

Word of the Week: dash


This week we focused on the following skills:
  • We completed two portfolio assessments which will be shared in your child's April portfolio: problem solving and basic fact power.


This week, we:

  • Learned why a balloon can not be blown up in a bottle
  • What air is
  • What wind is and walked outside to look for signs of the wind blowing (we used clipboards to write our observations)
  • We made wind socks which will help us see air moving (wind)

Apple of Our Eye

We loved learning about our very own Adien! It was so exciting to hear his mom read to us and meet his baby brother this week.