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Hey, im jvon im a freshmen at F.L. Schlagle high school. I like english class, im inlove with art. i like basketball. I want to learn how to be successful and make money , my future job is to be and architect. My blog today i want people to learn the real reason why they banned certain rules in the nba. Hope you Enjoy!!!!!

Essential Question

Whats the purpose behind different NBA Rules

I chose this question because i felt that if i knew this i can explain to other about how interesting the nba has changed over the years.

My Topic

What i know: I know that they changed the rules because certain things people did the association felt was wrong and wanted to save the risk of injuries.

What i hope to learn: I hope to learn who and why they change so many rules that didnt really change anything ?

What others will learn: Others will learn why they change rules and what type of rules they changed and why they did changed them.

Three former NBA players that cause "The Ban Of Dunking"

Back in the day, players were only allowed to take one step. In 2009 thethey changed the rule that players were able to take two steps before they stop they would have to pass or shoot the ball or it would be traveling. To this day there having second thoughts about changing it back because players now days would take 2 steps and have 20 feet across the court. Players usally euro step which u take a step to the right then the left or left to right which will also be a 2 step move to get around other players (Russel Westbrook euro stepping)

The rules of the NBA

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The Air Ball Rule

You can not throw the ball up in the air then catch it which thats why they say you can not catch your own air ball. Only Way you could would be called the alley oop which means you throw the ball up jump of in mid air catch the ball and dunk it before your feet touch the ground at if you miss it they would say you caught your own air ball
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Clips of why they banned dunking

Shaquille O 'NEAL Breaks Backboard TOP 5

A Clip if what traveling looks like