Welcome to Madrid!

Madrid is a vibrant city located in central Spain. You might find yourself partying on the streets or tasting some of there mixed-ethnic food.

Estación por Estación

The most enjoyable time to visit Madrid would be in the Spring and Fall. Madrid is a very dry city all together, due to lack of rain. Below you will see some information about each of the Seasons there.

Spring (March - May):

  • Days are warm
  • Nights are cool
  • Very festive and people are every where going to party's and bars and just celebrating anything they can.

Summer (July - August):

  • The temperatures during July and August can soar to be over 100 Fahrenheit.
  • Doesn't cool down much at night.
  • You can still enjoy the party atmosphere with the warm weather!

Fall (September - November):

  • Marks the beginning of the school year and people returning back to work.
  • Highly enjoyable compared to August's high temperatures.
  • Can sometimes get up to 1 inch of rain.

Winter (December - March):

  • Generally snows and temperatures can get down to below 0.
  • Not a tourism season and generally carries cheap tourist prices.

Sabrosos Comida!

Places to See!

Histórico Información

  • Madrid has been the capital of spain since the 17th Century.
  • The name Madrid comes from the arabic “magerit” which means “place of many streams”.
  • During the Reconquest of Spain by the Christians, Madrid passed from Muslim to Christian hands several times, it was the origin of the mixture of cultures which characterizes the city still today.

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