Landholders and more

by Molly Emberlynn Lallave


Southern plantations is where most Landholders live. On the plantation Landholders had a tobacco field,warehouse,a stable,tobacco barn,a plantation managers house,smoke house and the slave houses.They had to feed, clothe,and provide medical care for their slaves .

They hired the best teachers in Europe for their children.


Most colonists worked on farms they grew fruits and vegetables and lived off of what they earn. The whole family worked they chopped down trees, plowed fields,raised animals and and grew crops. A few farmers could afford slaves to do their work. And few could afford furniture.Most of them had a LARGE fireplace.

Artisans and indentured servants

Plantations were the workplace of artisans, or skilled crafters.

Example of Artisans :blacksmiths,butchers,soapmakers and more.

The talent they need is not from a education at school,they get it from becoming an apprentice and then they pass on their skill.Indentured servants did hard and were not paid for it. They had minimal rights ,and couldn't vote .

Indentured servants were released after a number of years.

Colonial Women

Women were commonly married by 14 years of age.

They mostly worked at home they cooked and sew clothing ,and spun yarn.

Like Indentured servants women could not vote.

And they nursed their children when they were sick.

African American

For hundreds of years African Americans were sold as slaves and forced to work.

Few of them bought their freedom,but most of them worked their whole life.

Free ones had economic freedom and jobs but still couldn't vote.

But enslaved ones faced many hardships such as being insulted ,cruelly beaten,and whipped.

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