Keep Calm & Carry On!

The Start of Unit 3

Hello Spring Semester!

Happy 4 day week, boys and girls!

I hope you had a restful weekend after what I am sure was a stressful exam week, and are ready to come back refreshed and prepared to tackle Unit 3: Changes in Self-Perception.

Our plan for the week looks like this:

Monday- HOLIDAY! :)

Tuesday- Introduce and unpack Unit 3 EA #1

Wednesday- Continue to unpack our unit, and then discuss internal and external self-perception

Thursday- Voluntary and Involuntary changes, using the sample "Bad Boy" from our SpringBoard Book

Friday- UNIT 7 VOCABULARY QUIZ (ALL 20 WORDS); and character analysis of "Freak, the Mighty."

It is going to be a fun week and an exciting unit!

**Lastly, if you wanted to place an order for books from your Scholastic January Order form, please have that ready to go tomorrow. I will be placing our orders tomorrow after school! If you wanted to order something but do not have, or know where, your catalog is, let me know and I will wait until Tuesday to place my order. I have extra catalogs in the classroom for anyone who would like to place an order!**

Not All Who Wander Are Lost