microsoft surface pro

William igwe

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what is it-a surface pro is a 2-1 tablet & laptop at the same time it has so many features like the multi-window screen when you go.what does it do-it helps you when your are at a buisness or an athletic team.the company that makes windows is microsoft


Bill gates

Bill gates was born (October 28 ,1955 (59) , Seattle,wa

Created surface pro

The people who made the surface pro 4 is the whole Microsoft foundation/coorparation


june 20,2014

models of the surface pro

Surface pro 2

Surface pro 3

Surface pro 4


they raised 61,000,000 dollars at there fundrasier to make microsoft a better place in life

why was the surface pro created

the surface pro was created because microsoft wanted to reveloutionise the way you think. the way you use etc/technology. there has been over 60 million sold so high school/college/nba can use it.the first model ever made was in june,2014.

who is microsoft`s competitor

microsofts competitor is apple.right now micrsoft is winning

how does the surface pro make the world a better place

it makes the world a better place making people have a tablet/computer


What I can do to improve this product is to make this product look more future realistic because microsoft made this product so it could asist people when they needed it
Surface Pro 3 review



one of the websites i used to make this flyer is the internet for pictures/ for news


with out the surface pro we would not be able to do the stuff wee can do thanks to Microsoft we have the best technology in this world