Hall Closing Sign Out Sheet

DUE TOMORROW! 12/10/2014 No Exceptions!

Complete the following by 12/10/2014!!

Hall Closing-This Requires your Immediate Attention!

Many have completed the required sign out sheet, but I am waiting on several others.

Halls Close for winter break on 12/20 at 9:00am
. As you know, Resident Assistants enter into your space to perform health and safety checks after you have departed. To expedite the closing process, please fill out the form below to indicate when you will be departing campus. Please use your full first and last name when completing this from. Thank you!

Simply click on your Residence Hall and Fill out the Form by December 10th 2014
(Note: This is only for the larger halls, Morrow, Beta, Preston and Kappa Sigma are not required to complete this form)

NOTE: Failure to complete this form may result in a Housing Contract Violation. Housing Contract Violations can negatively impact your housing for sophomore year. Thank your for helping make our closing process efficient and safe!!

Halls Close for Winter Break on 12/20 at 9:00am!