Stewardship Board Meeting

December 9, 2012

Time & Talent Sheets

Time & Talent sheets were discussed. There has been no input from the other Directors. We will bold the department headings on the new sheets.

Offering Envelopes

2013 envelopes that have not been picked up will be stuffed in mail boxes or given to Elders. We are looking into ordering new envelopes for 2014.

Time, Talent, Treasures

Will be presented by Ken Huner on January 20, 2013. Ken will send letters inviting the congregation. There will be a bulletin insert the first two sundays in January.

Consecration Sunday

Takes place January 7th, 2013. Rick Wolfram will be preaching and presenting. Offering pledges will be kept private. Judy Gilmore is working on getting a pledge column added to our quarterly contribution statements.

Love Fund

Started by Bonnie Turner, this fund is for people in dire need of something they cannot afford (ex: furnace is broken, etc.). Balance was discussed.

Teller Schedule

New schedule is out for the first 6 months of 2013. We are looking to recruit some new tellers after the Time and Talent sheets have been distributed.