The purpose of this documentary was to help three individuals who has a lot of potential and they need to be pushed a little harder with their not only on the football field but off the field as well.
The three individuals O.C, Chavis, and Money all have a bright future but they are not doing the best things for themselves, they are on the football team and their coach knows and believes they can do better for themselves. The coaches had saw so much in them and believed that they can be something in life so he just wanted to help them. The coaches had knew the feeling of the kids and felt bad for them, so that gave them more of a reason to want to help them.
The film achieved its purpose, the three examples I gave with the three individuals was just a start. The reason that they weren't doing so good in school is because their parents didnt graduate. You train up a child in the way that he should go so when he grow old he wont depart from it. Starting off the season the boys lost the first, they were sad but their coach wouldn't let them give up. The coaches said a quote that was very inspirational, " Not how you handle success but how you carry failures", that quote is say that anybody can carry themselves in a happy fashion when they are winning but the real question is how you carry yourself when you are losing.