Comparing mixed, market, and command

  1. A market economy is very similar to a free market.
  2. A mixed economic system is just like it sounds , but it primarily refers to a mixture of a market and command economy.
  3. This would be contrasted to socialism, in which the government like a command economy controls and owns the most profitable and vital industries.

Ratings of some economic goals

: economic freedom, medium level

: economic equity, high level

: economic security, high level

example countries

Economies ranging from the United States to Cuba have been mixed economies. The term is also used to the economies of countries which are referred to welfare states, as Norway andSweden.

who owns resources

Cuba's natural resources include sugar, tobacco, fish, citrus fruits, coffe, beans, rice, potatoes, and livestock

who makes economic decisions(what, how ...produce?)

A mixed economy is an economic system in which both the state and private direct the economy, reflecting characteristics of market economies and planned economies.
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