Behavioral Adaptations

Julissa Moreno


Migration is when a animal goes to another location during a certain season. Migration helps animals to survive because migration helps to have food. For example, some animal migrate to find food, this helps animals to have food to eat. Also migration helps animals to survive because some migrate to breed. If they didn't go to migrate to breed their species wouldn't exist. So migration helps a animal to survive because tit helps the organisms to have food and some to breed.


Hibernation is when a animal is inactive for a period of time. Some animals sleep through a whole season. Hibernation helps animals to to save energy for when they become active again. This behavioral adaptation helps animals to survive because if they didn't hibernate they would have no food to eat during a period of time. If animals don't have food then they will die, so hibernation helps the animals to survive because they don't need food during hibernation.