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Are Butane-Free Bowls Better? Trying a Hemp Wick

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I prefer to keep my smoking experience simple. So, like most pot people, I use lighters to combust my hemp wick. I’ve never given serious consideration to augmenting my lighter with hemp twine. But I was gifted an industrial hemp sample pack by an amazing Washington hemp activist named Ah Warner, and in it was beeswax-dipped hemp twine from Seattle company Wicked Wick of the West.

There are many potential reasons to go butane free. Some prefer to not breathe the stuff, even in minute quantities. Maybe bits of the lighter flint could get in your bowl. Watching a slow-motion lighter video is a convincing reminder that I don’t want any of that chemistry in my lungs. Which is why I don’t flick my Bic directly in my bowl. Still, I must admit that the hemp twine seems healthier than a prolonged butane burn.

Beyond the potential health benefits over butane lighters, waxed hemp twine might taste “cleaner” — adulterating the pot’s terpene profile less so than butane. And, since it burns at a lower temperature than lighters, hemp wick might not destroy as many as the lighter, which could theoretically get you more stoned. And if none of that’s convincing, then maybe you just need more hemp in your life.

I wanted to give this hippie-dipped smoking twine a fair chance, despite my natural aversion to change, so I watched a few videos on the stuff to learn that it’s typically wrapped around a lighter. The wax causes it to naturally stick to itself without being sticky to the touch. I neatly bound my Bic and lit the end of the wick.

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