RJHS Library Newsletter

October 2015

RJHS Library

Welcome to the RJH Library newsletter. Fall is finally in the air! We have decorated the library for the fall season and it has really brightened up our area. We try to always change things around based upon the seasons and the students seem to enjoy the changes we try and make. Have a wonderful Fall season!!

Digital Citizenship Lessons

We have started our Digital Citizenship Lessons with our 8th Grade English classes. One of the activities they had to do was complete a simile about their media life. The students got very creative with their responses and some were very thoughtful and some were very funny. Here are a few of the highlights from this activity:

Miss Claxton's Classes

My media life is like a crowded city because media is everywhere.

My media life is like a roller coaster because it is always changing direction quickly.

My media life is like an ocean because it is full of life.

Mrs. Dalton's Classes

My media life is like a day with no school because it is a lot of fun.

My media life is like a four-year-old child because it can never be satisfied, it always demands more of my time.

My media life is like knowledge because it's never ending.

Mr. Yoakum's Classes

My media life is like a cake because I can't get enough of it.

My media life is like my couch because i am on it all the time.

My media life is like the news because it is always on.

Here is a Family Tip Sheet (from Common Sense Education) all about students and their digital life. Read it and go over some of the issues as a family. http://mbcurl.me/1400H

RJHS Library Staff

My name is Miss Ingram, and this is my 6th year at RJH, but I also spent 5 years out of the district in an Elementary library setting and I started out my career in the library as a paraprofessional at Wyman Elementary for 4 years. Mrs. Ludlow is our library Para and she has been here for many years and is an invaluable help to our library. If you ever have any questions for me please don't hesitate to email me or call and leave a voice mail message for me and I will try to respond to you as soon as I can. My contact information is located below.

Thank You

Miss Ingram