What are "Squishy Circuits?"

It's STEMsational

STEM Discovery Club offered by University of St. Thomas students....

Al-Amal School has a Stem Discovery Club running from Aprl 5th through May 10th, 2016. The class is led by Alison Haugh (University of St. Thomas Engineering Education student) and Noah Kasper, (UST Mechanical Engineering Student.)

Twenty students in third, fourth and fifth grades attend the classes. Participating students are encouraged to share what they learn with their homeroom classes.

Learn about the engineering process here....

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April 5, 2016....Learn about "Squishy Circuits"

Squishy Circuits Introduction

Welcome to the Squishy Circuits Project Page

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conducting dough
insulating dough
Engineering Design Process
battery pack


1. Using a ball of playdough (conductive dough), a squishy battery pack, two connecting wires
and an LED, make a hypothesis about how to create a circuit.
2. Test your hypothesis, did it work? What did you try first?
3. Separate your dough into two pieces. Put one end of an LED into each. What happens.
4. Was your hypothesis correct? If not, how would you change it?
5. List the requirements for a simple circuit to work.