Senegence Senegal

Senegence Senegal Passenger Locator - A Cruising Guide

You're free to contact them anytime with respect to your queries or concerns. The team of specialists will always attempt to understand your needs and requirements so you are completely satisfied with the service.

Senegence's new high-tech passenger locator is equipped with advanced technology. This high-tech apparatus employs the latest map projections to project the boat's position so it is simple to track down the vessel you want. Furthermore, this high-tech locator assists the boater to avoid possible places of docking which have not been properly surveyed by the vessels tracking system. There Are Lots of features of the new version of the Senegal Boat Locator such as:

O The GPS System - The GPS technology helps to navigate you through the oceans and mark your precise location with a three dimensional map. Once you get to your destination, you simply have to follow the markers and guide your boat towards your desired location. You may either mark your place on the map with the help of a map or utilize the voice prompts to clearly indicate your current location. Once you enter the ideal destination and port of call you can enjoy the amenities of the innovative GPS navigation facility.

O Automatic Identification System (AIS) - The AIS utilizes the latest satellite-based technologies with the aim of monitoring the boat's movement in the sea. With AIS your boat's location and identification is updated every second. You can track the moves of your vessel with the help of your touch screen smart phone or you can even track the activities of the crew on the deck with the help of this live video streaming centre. You might even get the most recent updates on the current weather prediction of the seabed from those feeds.

O Safety Features - The safety of your journey is guaranteed with the help of the digital charting centre. This feature monitors the changes in the direction and speed of the boat's movement in the sea. After the vessel encounters an obstacle from the sea or an changing weather state the machine immediately alerts the captain and the crew members concerning the same. They could quickly take remedial steps so they don't need to experience the situation again.

O Sophisticated Maps - The maps of this site are high quality and are regularly upgraded. You may easily access the map and look for important info about the area. The facts of the shores, the transport lanes, directions to the ports of the hotel accommodations are clearly displayed on the screen. You can also zoom in and out of any particular area on the monitor. This makes your job of deciding on the best place simpler.

O Personalized Service - The services supplied by the company are personalized and customer oriented. You may remain free to select your favorite option among the many choices that are presented before you. All these are tailored to your own choice and convenience. You're also free to contact them anytime with respect to your questions or concerns. The team of professionals will always attempt to understand your wants and requirements so you are completely satisfied with the service. This will surely leave a positive effect on the minds of your passengers that have come to love a fun-filled cruise ride.