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What Is Educational Technology?

Educational Technology is the cohesion of information you're already teaching to your students, while adding technology that makes it simple and easy to create, collaborate, and communicate that knowledge to others. My job is to help make this transition of information as seamless as possible by teaching you and your students the steps to becoming technology superstars.

What Is My School Availability?

  • Johnson Middle = Monday
  • Finley Elementary = Tuesday
  • Fryberger Elementary = Wednesday
  • Sequoia Elementary = Thursday

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ed Tech

Q: Do you come in and teach my class?

A: No, I come in and support what you're doing with your class. I can troubleshoot, add any insight you ask for, or help you one-on-one. I can help teach students how to use certain tools though, if you're looking for a quick lesson before using a tech product.

Q: Can I leave my class while you're there?

A: No, I'm not teaching your class, so much as supporting what you'd like to teach, while providing technology support to you and your students.

Q: Can you help myself or my team to help in putting technology to our units?

A: Yes, this is actually my main role. You know your curriculum better than me, and what you want your students to learn. My job is to help re-invent that with technology use, so that you become the pro, and add more tools to your technology tool-kit.

Q: Why do I need to make an appointment 24 hours is advance?

A: Helping in classrooms requires planning, just like anything else. Though I like to consider myself a tech expert, there is still a lot to learn, and sometimes I need time to do some research so I am helping you as well as I can.

Q: If I see you on campus, can I call you over real quickly?

A: If I am free, I don't mind this, but what I am finding is that this is rarely the case. Whether I am on my way somewhere, or getting in some planning, or quickly running to my office to get resources for the next class, typically all of my times have been filled. You are always free to e-mail me though, and I can answer any questions you have, or direct you to the right person.

Jason Spence

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