Landon's bucket list


#1 skydiving

I would like to go skydiving in Dubai. Somethings you may see while skydiving is the ocean. The water erodes the sand. This is physical weathering and erosion. I would like to go skydiving with my family. Skip to 2:50 on video
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Skydive Dubai - EPIC First Tandem Jump!!

#2 visit a castle

I would like to go visit a castle in the UK. The wind is weathering and eroding the castle. It is located somewhere in the UK. I would like to go there with my family.
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#3 Quang Binh

i would like to go to the open cave in Quang Binh, Vietnam. it is one of the world's largest cave. it is big enough to accommodate 40-story skyscrapers. it costs over $6,000 per trip. it has physical weathering and erosion. the type of erosion was water
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#4 Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

i would like to go here because of the 250 foot cliffs that water weathered and eroded. Fernando de Noronha is 330 miles of the coast of Brazil. Fernando de Noronha is considered a park and only 246 people are allowed there a day.
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#5 Calgary, Alberta

I would like to go to Calgary because of the cool night life as shown below. I believe that river below the bridge physically weathers and erodes the surface of the land.
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